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Thursday, August 27, 2009


William C. Carlotti—August 28, 2009

What is the Jewish Zionist led, Christian Zionist supported Israeli government doing now and what has it been doing for the past (60) sixty years?

The Zionist led Israeli government is bombing, strafing, shooting the people of Palestine using cluster bombs, depleted uranium coated bombs and shells, white phosphorous bombs fired from F-16 supersonic jet planes, from helicopter gunships, from remote operated, unmanned drone airplanes and from huge Abrams tanks; using behemoth bulldozers supplied by Caterpillar to demolish more than a thousand Palestinian homes and eradicate hundreds of whole villages and towns; crush thousands of hectares of decades old olive and orange orchids; they fly their supersonic jets low over the Palestinian population and break the sound barrier to create the sonic boom that has deafened hundreds of vulnerable Palestinian children; they are building ghetto style armed Jewish settlements all over the territory of the West Bank sector of Palestine on the high ground and hilltops; they restrict the water, the electricity, the medical care, the sewage, the education, the employment, the travel, the communications and every facet of the lives of the people of Palestine; they make targeted assassinations of the selected and elected representatives chosen by the people of Palestine killing dozens of other people in the process; they have confiscated court, land and title records that confirm the property rights of the people of Palestine; they are building a wall that recreates their ghetto existence armed to the teeth with nuclear bombs and chemical and biological weapons: they have driven millions of the people of Palestine off of the land of their forebears, they hold thousands of Palestinians, not only men but also women and children in prison many of whom are tortured and others are killed and buried in numbered graves at obscure graveyards.

Now comes the revelation in the midst of some arrests by the FBI that there is a clandestine ring of purveyors, brokers of human kidneys, including at least four Rabbis, operating internationally. Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, one of the central figures brokering the sale of kidneys, made the assertion that almost all of the kidneys he brokered came from Israel. Nearly all of the major media conglomerates in the United States reported the disclosures.

That, however, is not the whole of it.

Subsequent to the report of the FBI arrests in New York and New Jersey, a report in an obscure Swedish newspaper appeared that made the assertion that the Israeli armed forces, called the Israel Defense Forces, were engaged in harvesting organs from the Palestinians slain in the kind operations described above. See the English translation at HARVESTING BODY PARTS

When I first read the articles about the illegal kidney brokering for cash involving some Rabbis, it seemed, and the tendency of the reporting from the conglomerates was that it was a criminal anachronism. Then when I read the reports of the article in the Swedish newspaper about the harvesting of body parts by the IDF, it acquired another aspect.

It reminded me of, and I remembered from my pre-teen years in the 1940s about the reports of the Nazi led Germans using the skin of its Jewish victims to make lampshades and the reports that they were using their Jewish victims to make soap. In fact, I even asked my mother how soap was made out of people and she brushed off the inquiry with something to the effect that it was too horrible to talk about. The question went away and wasn’t revisited until I met my wife’s grandmother from down south twenty years later who made good old-fashioned soap by boiling a mixture of pork fat with lye.

In any case, the stories of the Jewish skin lampshades, and the Jewish soap turned out to be fabrications even though they were matched with other real images when the Soviet Union and the Allied forces liberated the victims of the Nazi led government’s concentration camps.

So, I put the stories of the Israeli Defense Forces’ harvesting Palestinian organs in the same category as the lampshade and soap stories.

However, I remember how incensed Americans were with the lampshade and soap stories and how the stories helped to develop support for the United States to enter the war in Europe. Then when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, it clinched the public’s support for entering the war.

Obviously, in spite of the description of the horrible slaughter of innocents that has engaged the Zionist led government in its drive against the people of Palestine that started this essay, there is something about the harvesting of Palestinian organs—like the stories about lampshades and soap—that gets people incensed. Further reports from other sources are beginning to emerge to substantiate the Swedish newspaper report. SEE Israel Shamir’s lengthy report at his website on the web at


The United States has been Israel’s racist colonizing partner in the sixty years of its drive to recreate the “Eretz Israel “ of the biblical nightmare that is at the center of its drive to acquire the whole of Palestine and parts of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Matthew Cassel, Assistant Editor of the Electronic Intefada, maintains that “Baseless Organ Theft Accusations Will Not Bring Israel To Justice” nor it seems have the reports that are summarized in the paragraph at the beginning of this essay “brought Israel to Justice”—whatever that means.

If the reports of organ harvesting by Israeli Defense Forces reports are true—and there is other evidence that strongly suggests that it is true---we can only hope the American public will become incensed enough to put an end to the work of the Frankenstein monster the United States government has created in its own image. SEE THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER


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